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How to Wrap Furniture While Moving?

If you are planning to move, you must consider how to wrap furniture while moving. It requires special care for couches, beds, and cabinets. Without proper planning, tools, and equipment, furniture could be scratched and damaged before it arrives. You should protect the furniture when moving. So many expensive and fragile items, including antique furniture, need close attention. Here we are going to share tips for furniture moving services. Let’s get into the blog.

Declutter old furniture

Get rid of old furniture like unwanted clothing and broken tools. You should get rid of it if it’s worn out, uncomfortable, or no longer needed. It’s essential to declutter the furniture first to know what furniture pieces they enjoy the most. People who are going to move long distance or local moving they should plan to store furniture while you are away. Bulk and weight furniture can increase the cost of moving.

Find Out the Valuation Coverage And Insurance Options

Many professional movers use caution when moving furniture and household items. There are chances of multiple accidents, and it doesn’t mean you have hired the moving company and no damage will occur. While hiring moving experts, you should explore the valuation coverage and insurance options. When moving, you should protect the furniture, and movers should provide several valuation coverage options. Find those companies looking for more information about valuation coverage and moving insurance.

Disassemble Furniture Items

Not all furniture items require disassembling. Just disassemble those, which can be quickly done. Furniture pieces such as bed frames, tables, and sofas must be handled. Make sure you are following the assembling instruction to avoid any damage. The disassembling process will make the relocation easier. Wrap all the parts in plastic for a protective covering and place them inside the cardboard box.

Pack Nuts, Screws, And Bolts Inside Plastic Bags

When you arrive in a new home and begin reassembling furniture, you can easily place nuts and screws to essential parts. Don’t forget about screws, nits and bolts and pack all these essentials in separate bags when you start disassemble furniture. All the items should be labeled corresponding to the furniture.

Wrap Furniture in Wrapping Sheet

We don’t allow you to move furniture items onto a moving truck. If you are moving furniture by yourself, prepare the furniture in stretch wrap. We recommend furniture moving wraps. Tear-resistant material protects furniture and other things. It’s a great way to keep furniture parts together. You can also choose furniture moving blankets for packing furniture because these blankets are thick and will protect only furniture when moving. Numerous types of large sheets are available instead of blankets for packing furniture.

Don’t Move by Yourself

You would be surprised to know how to move heavy furniture by yourself. There are chances of moving heavy furniture by themselves without help. Numerous moving services will be available in your area to help with this. Recruit the professional furniture moving services so ask friends and family members to help in this otherwise get the professional movers who can do this at competitive prices.

Use Special Moving Equipment

Moving tools help lift heavy furniture pieces and appliances, including large chairs, refrigerators, and other furniture items. You can move items such as small tables and lightweight chairs easily but for larger furniture pieces such as pianos, pool tables and heavy furniture you need additional equipment. You must be needing a dolly or hand truck.

Use Furniture Gliders to Move Furniture

Moving furniture using moving gliders would become easier, so place gliders, felt pads, towels, or cardboard underneath the legs of furniture. If you cannot lift the items, use these to slide the items across the floors. It will prevent floors and furniture parts from scratching while moving.

Distribute the Weight Evenly

Loading furniture inside the moving truck and placing it in the right place is essential. Ensure you are loading heavier items first and placing them in an upright position so they don’t consume much space on the floor.

Clean Furniture

When the furniture arrives in the new home then, clean it properly. It’s common for furniture to accumulate dust and dirt. We recommend thoroughly cleaning everything before reassembling. Once you unpack the furniture, wipe it off to eliminate the dust and debris.

Final Thoughts

Hire a furniture moving company that can transport the belongings under the supervision of experts without any damage. You will get the assistance of reputable and reliable movers to make this job more manageable. A team of skilled workers with years of experience will relocate the couch in no time and if you are in doubt, hire those companies who meet your needs. These tips help pack furniture and protect antique items for a long time.