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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for MSN Logistics Group Inc.


1. Agreement to Terms

By tapping into our website or availing of our services, you’re confirming your adherence to these stipulations.

2. Site and Service Usage

Ensure your interactions with our website and services adhere to all legal standards.

3. Restricted Liability

MSN Logistics Group Inc. disclaims responsibility for any unintended, collateral, or subsequent damages stemming from our service usage.

4. Transaction Procedures

All financial dealings related to our services should align with the agreement between the client and MSN Logistics Group Inc.

5. Service Modifications

Any adjustments or cessation to the requested services should be signaled within a set timeframe to circumvent charges.

6. Collaborations with Third Parties

MSN Logistics Group Inc. may occasionally delegate tasks to third-party providers. We’re not answerable for the conducts or neglects of such third parties.

7. Contract Termination

Our rights include discontinuing services for clients who don’t respect these terms.

8. Jurisdictional Laws

All terms herein are molded by Illinois statutes.

9. Alterations to Stipulations

These terms can undergo amendments. Persisting to use our services post-alterations indicates your endorsement of the modified terms.

10. Correspondence

 For clarifications on these terms, please write to us at info@msnlogisticsgroup.com